Sabine Kamphuis

My goal is to make sure that your house or work environment is going to reflect who you are and that it will ooze the ambience in which you feel most at home.

After finishing my education of Audiovisual Design at the art academy St Joost, I became more interested in interior design besides filmmaking.

I started to realize that the space around you can influence your mood and the way you feel. For instance, certain colors, objects and materials can trigger you to feel more relaxed, cool, happy, worldly or authentic.

I find it an interesting challenge to create a room that oozes a certain ambience and triggers a certain mood. As a certified and experienced interior stylist, I’m excited to make your desired ambience and mood for your home or work environment, a reality.

Click here to see my website for my work as wedding videographer by the name 'Sabka Video.'

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